The Best Car Speaker Reviews of 2016

Audio technology is always advancing which means newer and better models of car speakers are flooding the market. If you’re always on top of your music game then you should be upgrading your car speakers every few years with a newer model. Or even if you just got a new car and need to enhance the sound quality and performance because the factory stock speakers are just not cutting it. Either way, if you love music and feeling the sound viberations an upgrade is a must.

Car speakers are one of the easiest things to upgrade and replace with new ones. It’s also the cheapest way to get more out of your car audio system and just about anyone can replace car speakers on their own. You can always check out a quick YouTube video and you will be ready to go in less than 5 minutes! I can ensure you it doesn’t take a genius to replace your current speakers with brand new ones.

Anyhow, if you landed on this page to find the best car speaker reviews, ratings and deals then great! Because, below our staff here at has done all the dirty work for you. What they have done was went around and rounded up all the best sounding speakers with the highest rating from all the car audio websites across the web! So no matter what car speaker you choose from are list it’s going to be worth the money!

Best Car Speaker Reviews, Ratings and Deals!

PictureSpeaker PriceRating

JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System - Set of 2

Rockford Fosgate P165-S 6.5" Punch Series Car Audio Component System

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver)

JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker - Set of 2

JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker

Types of car speakers

Driving can be quite a enjoyable or soothing activity, but in many cases, it could possibly turn into a routine task without the need of a great number of fascinating factors about it. Obtaining a set of superior car speakers can empower and improve the driving a vehicle experience. Hearing your selected tunes at it’s peek volume level will surely make these lengthy journeys back and forth from work appear faster. Having said that, considering that the current market is made up of a huge number of models of all sizes and shapes, as it occurs with each and every other element associated with cars and trucks, deciding on the ideal one can be challenging.

What you ought to know first is that you have two primary types of car or truck speakers: coaxial and components. Out of the two, both equally have benefits and drawbacks. To begin with, the coaxial car speakers have the ability to replicate a crystal clear and genuine sound in addition to decent bass. They are equipped for the common drivers that has got to work within a strict budget, however include a pleasant jamming experience. The component car speakers are, as suggested by its name, comprised of various parts and are suitable for the individuals which can be particular and would like a particular kind of audio and bass sounds. They’re usually higher priced compared to the coaxial ones and therefore are more challenging to install, because they consist of various units.

All things considered, regardless of whether you pick the coaxial or even the component car speakers depends on you, just one matter is for sure: either will greatly enhance your traveling experience.

There are several different car speaker sizes that you can choose from. However, we are going to only go over the two main sizes that you should buy. Below you can get a more detailed description on different types of speakers for cars.

Picking the best car speakers

6.5 inch car speakers

The 6.5 inch car speakers which are the front door or car speaker. These are the most important speakers when it comes to hearing the sound quality clearly. They are what produce the vocals in the music that allow you to hear every word in the sound as clear as possible.

They are built to hit high notes clearly in the music. A majority of 6.5 inch car speakers have built in tweeters than enhance the overall sound clarity and performance output. So if you’re looking to have the loudest and clearest sound system I would suggest choosing a speaker from the table above that fits your price range.

6×9 inch car speakers

The 6×9 inch car speaker for bass are typically found somewhere in the back of you’re car. Either behind the head rest of the seats or in the back door panel. These speakers are what create the low frequencies and the bass. However, these speakers don’t create tons of bass like a subwoofer would. But they will add more bass than your stock speakers than came with the car or even an older model speaker that’s out-of-date.

Why upgrade your car speakers

There are a few different reason why a person would want to upgrade there car audio system. It’s simple, people love there music and whats a better way to enjoy it even more than improve your sound system. Whether you are upgrade your car speakers, car subwoofer, car stereo unit or even your car amplifier, I’m sure your doing it for the passion of music that you love.

The most common upgrade are the car speakers. This is the cheapest route when it comes to upgrading your car audio system while getting the most out of it. The car speakers are the most crucial piece in any car audio sound system and should be taken lightly. When choosing your car speakers you want to match the front car speaker pair to the back car speakers for maximum performance and sound quality. However, sometime when you upgrade to 4 powerful car door speakers, you may need a small external amplifier to give them extra juice power to get the maximum speaker performance. Also having a upgrade double din head unit can make a difference.

Best Car Speakers Reviews 2016

JBL GTO938 Car Speakers Review

JBL GTO938 reviewJBL are some of the top car speakers on the market. If you read around and browse some forums, you will see that most people will agree on this. JBL car speaker deliver the greatest sound that a speaker can produce. One thing JBL as mastered is the patented Plus One woofer cone that is designed to max the performance of the speaker overall sound unlike their competitors speakers.

The JBL GTO series speakers all come with an above average sensitivity rating. Thus, this is what makes these speakers sound so great. When it comes to choosing a new car speaker, the sensitivity is a crucial aspect and should not be ignored. The sensitivity rating is measure by how much power is needed to respond with the speaker. Higher the sensitivity of the speaker the better the speaker is going to respond without using much power.

The JBL938 car speakers comes in two different sizes. We explained the two sizes above and having a complete sound system of 2 6.5 inch speakers for the front and 2 6×9 inch speakers in the back will blow your mind compared to you’re factory speakers. Hope this car speaker review help clear up any thoughts you may have.

Pioneer TS-A1675R 6-1/2? 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers Review

At the moment the most popular audio speakers on Amazon, the Pioneer TS-A1675R loudspeakers have got a strength of 300 Watts. The frequency reaction on each of these audio speakers is 37-25,000 Hz and overall, the speakers are very slender, meaning that they could be hooked up just about anywhere and they’ve got a surface area layer which makes certain the audio system will not be affected by on location of installing.

The audio speakers produce full-range, precise sounds by using a crystal clear mid along with a complete bass sounds. The 4ohms impedance carries out the power in a manner that this loudspeaker is kept at the proper levels so they won’t distort the sound. With these costing only around $43 the Pioneer TS-A1675R are among the best car speakers on the market.

Lanzar 800 Car Speaker Review

At 95Hz the Lanzar 800, this really is one particular extremely effective loudspeaker. Be mindful when you find yourself purchasing it as it comes in a single pair speaker. If you need a set or even more for your vehicle, you will have to point out that in the number of speakers you order. Nevertheless, individual or not, this Lanzar vehicle speaker is definitely an amazing bang for your buck.

A number of this particular car speaker’s features feature an 8-Inch cone with cloth surround area surface, a die cast light weight aluminum structure, this means you will supply you with up to 800 watts of power base on its build. It is quite elegant to consider and it’s also pretty resilient, because of the materials it is manufactured from.

Customers on this particular speaker report excellent electric power from the audio, saying it can easily be heard from a block away! While we’re not sitting here marketing the thought of your becoming a community disruption, we have been simply expressing the proven fact that these are typically fairly highly effective audio speakers and they’re going to provide you with excellent volume level.

A number of the much more popular testimonials strongly suggest these loudspeakers because of their excellent cost-effective selling price with good value, in addition to their toughness with regards to excellent production.

Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5 Inches 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Car Speaker Review

Bringing out the Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5″ 180 Watt High-Performance 2 Way Speakers! If you are searching for top quality speakers for the car or truck then your search is over. The Infinity series of speakers are classified as the 2nd top selling car speakers on Amazon online marketplace, right alongside the JBL GTO speaker series.

They’ve been around for six years that has a established a good reputation for providing the very best different types of audio speakers attainable according to the budget range and merchandise quality you select!

The dom found in the Infinity Reference 6032-cf series is rather diverse in comparison of your typical car speakers. If you purchase home audio speakers from their website, those audio speakers consist of doms that are completely edgy mostly.

If you are using these home audio speakers inside your car or truck, I will ensure that you will not encounter any type of distortions or disturbance regardless of how high in volume you play your tunes; one other thing that is assured is an extremely higher power handling potential at 180 watts.

Taking into consideration that you will be obtaining a set of speakers which function excellent even at optimum sound volume level, I think that they make the perfect package because of the inexpensive price of roughly $45 only. You can check out these car speaker reviews from previous customers right on!


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